Work with RUPA

RUPA is continually looking to partner to enhance our campus-wide events! Partnering with the programming board is an opportunity for registered student groups, University departments, or outside organizations to collaborate on events. Partnerships aim to provide students attending these events a creative, positive, informative and fun experience.

At times you may see information about a RUPA event that is of particular interest to your department or organization. Events that RUPA have selected are funded through our normal program proposal process each semester, so we are not typically seeking financial partners. However, we appreciate the involvement of other groups to help increase our event audience or engage students with specific interests that may relate to a specific event. If your department or organization is interested in partnering with RUPA and helping to market a specific event or program, please email

Process for Requesting Co-sponsorship of Your Event

If you are a Rutgers Affiliated organization interested in working with us, please email Please include as much information as possible about your event; organization name, event name, event mission, expected attendance, projected time frame and budget.  Also, please include information about how you would like RUPA to be involved.

It is important to note that RUPA is not a funding/allocating organization. While we may provide funding if your request is approved, our co-sponsorship also ensures that our members will assist in marketing the event and staffing the event. Should your organization want involvement in planning the event, our members may be able to help with that as well. If your organization is seeking only marketing and staffing assistance, but not funding, please make sure that is noted in the email.

Requests for co-sponsorships often get denied for the following reasons:

  • A group or organization is seeking funding only, and does not have a need or desire for marketing or volunteer assistance
  • The event date is in conflict with a RUPA event or program
  • The timing, overall cost, or nature of the event is such that RUPA determines it will be challenging and potentially not successful

Proposals are received on a rolling basis throughout the year.  After submitting your proposal email you will receive a confirmation email and a timeline of what to expect next.

If you have any questions about working with RUPA please email

RUPA typically DOES NOT work with organizations that are not affiliated with Rutgers.