Rutgers Battle of the Bands

Thursday November 30, 8PM- 10PM

College Avenue Student Center, Multipurpose Room

Do you want to be named the best band in all of Rutgers? Do you want the chance to win studio time to professionally produce YOUR OWN music, and win the opportunity to be an opener for our Spring Kickoff Concert?! Now is your time to shine!


On Thursday, November 30, RUPA is hosting a Battle of the Bands!




Rutgers undergraduate students can fill out a wufoo form then submit a video of their performance to RUPA’s Google Drive using a link they receive after completing the form. If the video meets the criteria, RUPA will post each contestant’s video onto the RUPA Facebook page on November 1 at 1AM, on a first submitted, first in playlist basis. Students will then be able to “like” their favorite video, and the top 5 candidates with the most likes/shares at the end of the voting process will get a chance to perform live at the Battle of the Bands Finale! The total likes will be counted not only from the original post but also from any shares of the original post, as long as privacy settings allow RUPA members to see the shared videos. All candidates MUST be available to perform at the Battle of the Bands Finale on Thursday, November 30, which will be held between 8-10 PM. Performers must arrive at 7PM for check-in and sound check.


All finalists will be announced the day after the voting deadline. They will have two weeks to prepare two songs for the the Battle of the Bands Finale. The winner will receive the chance to record their own personal demo at the state-of-the-art professional recording studio at Robert E. Mortensen Hall, located on Cook/Douglass Campus, get their own album cover designed, and have an opportunity to perform as an opener for the Spring Kickoff concert, one of RUPA’s largest events of the Spring Semester.



  • Band of 3 people must have 2 Rutgers students. Band of 4 people must have 2 Rutgers students. Band of 5 must have 2 Rutgers students.
  • Must give implicit permission that RUPA can upload their video to their Facebook page.
  • The video should be no more than 7 minutes long.
  • Sharing on personal pages is allowed and encouraged.
  • RUPA reserves the right to disqualify contestants based on suspected fraud (e.g. creating fake accounts and using them to gain additional likes for your video).
  • The video does not have to be made specifically for this event, as long as it fills the rest of the above criteria.
  • Video submissions are accepted on a rolling basis until October 31st at 11:59 PM. The earlier the video is successfully submitted, the earlier it will be in the facebook playlist sequence, which will be posted on the RUPA Facebook page on November 1st at 11 AM.
  • Voting ends for all contestants on November 8th at 11:59 PM.


On November 30 at Battle of the Bands, each finalist will perform one song that is under 5 minutes in the first round. Three judges will offer a score of 0-10 after each performance, as well as feedback for the band. The audience will also have an opportunity to vote on their phones for their favorite performer at the end of round one. Performers will get additional points based on the percentage of the audience who has voted for them as their favorite performer.

The 3 performers with the highest combined scores will move on to round 2.

They will perform another song, also below 5 minutes, which will be given a score of 0-10 by the judges. The audience will not be able to participate in this round. The person with the highest score will receive the title of “1st place winner of Battle of the Bands,” and will be given the opportunity to professionally record a song sponsored by RUPA. They will also have the opportunity to perform at our Spring Kickoff Concert, which is TBA!

Each of the top 3 winners will receive a prize. The first place winner will receive recording studio time and be the opener for the spring kickoff show. The fan favorite will receive a gift card!



  • Each candidate will perform one song that is under 5 minutes in each round.



Apply for Battle of the Bands!



-Video Submission Deadline: October 31 at 11:59PM

Voting Begins: November 1 at 11AM

Voting Ends: November 8 at 11:59PM

Finalists Announced: November 13

Day of Show: November 30



  1. How long does my video have to be?

Under 7 minutes for the video submission; under 5 minutes for the live performances.

2. How does the online voting process work?

After you submit your video to the RUPA Google Drive (the link will be emailed to you after you submit the initial Wufoo form), RUPA will upload it to a Facebook playlist. The top 5 candidates with the most likes at the end of the voting process will get a chance to perform live at Battle of the Bands! The total likes from shares and the original post will be counted.

3. How do I submit my video?

You can submit your video by uploading it on Google Drive. The link will be sent to you by email after you fill out the preliminary wufoo form

4. When do I need to submit my video by?

The latest you can submit your video is Tuesday, October 31st at 11:59 PM.


5. Do I have to perform original songs or can I do covers?

Up to you! Whatever you feel will show off your voice the best.