RUPA Media: Campus Movie Fest Finale

04.12.17 — [LIVINGSTON STUDENT CENTER] — Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival, has returned to Rutgers! The Top 16 films from the 75+ submissions made by your fellow students were screened at the Livingston Student Center. Grand Jury prizes for the top four films were announced at the end and get to move…


RUPA Media: General Member Recognition Night

General Member (GM) Recognition Night is held at the end of the academic year to recognize all of our GMs who have done an exceptional job on RUPA. We celebrate their great work and their passion for this organization while mingling, eating, and playing some fun activities. Thank you to all the GMs who helped…


RUPA Media: Global Sounds (Bollywood edition)

03.23.17 — [DSC, NJC LOUNGE] — Welcome to our FIRST Global Sounds! Similar to our past event called Live Vibes, Global Sounds is a coffeehouse where Rutgers students will be showcasing both their culture AND their musical talent. Take a look at a night where there was FREE music, food, and fun….. all while indulging in the…


RUPA Media: Senior Citizen Prom

Rutgers University invited volunteers to serve their community while getting their groove on a day filled with food, music, games, and dancing! They dressed up, learned how to salsa, made some crafts, and created memories with some local senior citizens!

RUPA Media: Scarlet Room

03.01.17 — [COLLEGE AVENUE, GYMNASIUM, ROCK WALL] — An intimate night of music and dancing at the College Avenue Rock Wall! Student DJs played their best sets to enjoy for students throughout the night, as they climbed their way through the glowing beams of light on the rock wall. Based off of “Boiler Room,” Scarlet Room is a great opportunity…


RUPA Media: Interest Meeting 2/23

Leadership was the topic of the Interest Meeting on February 23, 2017 at the Douglass Student Center. Attendees enjoyed a night of leadership activities with RUPA and The Department of Leadership and Experiential Learning.  Students were able to identify their personal leadership styles, discuss their strengths and weaknesses with people who relate to them, and…


RUPA Media: Spring Kickoff Concert

We had an amazing night of rocking out to The Maine and Secondhand Serenade! Our opening band were The Dead Flowers. Wristbanding began at 6:30 and the doors opened at 7:30. The crowd was PACKED and there were smiling faces everywhere! Here are some cool shots from this concert. Be sure to check out our other…