RUPA Insider: Hot Dog Day

As the Assistant Director of RUPA’s Traditions & Community committee, I had the chance to lead one of the most anticipated events of the year, Hot Dog Day! I remember how much fun I had working this event last year as a general member and leading it this year was such a wonderful experience. There…


RUPA Media: Hot Dog Day

This past week RUPA held it’s annual Hot Dog Day with an outer space theme! This year’s Hot Dog Day included moon sand, vintage arcade games, laser tag and a zipline! As always, students flooded College Avenue and enjoyed free hot dogs with their friends !

RUPA Insider: Beats on the Banks ft. Metro Boomin

Last Friday marked my committee’s last event of the year, our spring semester’s Beats on the Banks ft. Metro Boomin. As the Marketing Assistant Director for Concerts & Coffeehouses, it is my responsibility to assist in the planning, execution, and promotion of music-related campus, including our large-scale concerts and smaller showcases of student musicians. The…


RUPA Presents: Party at the Puddle

04.25.18—[Passion Puddle, Douglass]—

Start off finals right with our annual Party At The Puddle! Come celebrate the end of the semester with some great food, music, and games. Enjoy this year’s throwback to the late 90’s/early 2000’s theme: “Feel like a kid again!”
The party at Passion Puddle starts at 3PM!

RUPA Insider: World Planting Day

Community Service events are unique in the fact that their mission is to not only connect the Rutgers community but also the New Brunswick and New Jersey ones as well. With World Planting Day, we partnered with Sandra from Rutgers Gardens to help educate students about the environment and plants around us. Activities included a…


RUPA Insider: Interest Meeting

RUPA invited Steven, a LEx Leader, to our very last interest meeting of the Spring semester to present to students about leadership. They played the activity True Colors to determine their leadership styles and split off into groups to plan our Traditions & Community event Hot Dog Day. This was one of our many themed…