RUPA Presents: Denim Day

04.04.17 — [CASC, MULTIPURPOSE ROOM] — Come out to a Denim-themed fashion show to help raise awareness to end sexual violence on campus! Cosponsored with Rutgers No More, this fashion show supports the nationwide campaign of Denim Day. Enjoy The Vagina Monologues performed by VPVA, as well as, a free reception right after the show. The…


RUPA Media: Senior Citizen Prom

Rutgers University invited volunteers to serve their community while getting their groove on a day filled with food, music, games, and dancing! They dressed up, learned how to salsa, made some crafts, and created memories with some local senior citizens!

RUPA Media: Scarlet Room

03.01.17 — [COLLEGE AVENUE, GYMNASIUM, ROCK WALL] — An intimate night of music and dancing at the College Avenue Rock Wall! Student DJs played their best sets to enjoy for students throughout the night, as they climbed their way through the glowing beams of light on the rock wall. Based off of “Boiler Room,” Scarlet Room is a great opportunity…


RUPA Media: Interest Meeting 2/23

Leadership was the topic of the Interest Meeting on February 23, 2017 at the Douglass Student Center. Attendees enjoyed a night of leadership activities with RUPA and The Department of Leadership and Experiential Learning.  Students were able to identify their personal leadership styles, discuss their strengths and weaknesses with people who relate to them, and…


RUPA Presents: Scarlet Room

03.01.16 — [CASC, College Avenue Gym, Rock Wall] — Come join us for an intimate night of music and dancing at the College Avenue Rock Wall!   Student DJs will be playing their best sets for you to enjoy throughout the night, as you climb your way through the glowing beams of light on the rock…


RUPA Insider: Interest Meetings

Designing an Interest Meeting takes at least two weeks to plan out. The Human Resources committee first decides what theme we want the Interest Meeting to be about; aka we figure out what we look to teach or display to the Rutgers student body. In RUPA, we want you to grow personally and professionally even…


RUPA Insider: Recruitment

Recruitment may mean many things to you at Rutgers. It could mean rushing a sorority or fraternity or being offered an internship by an on-campus recruiter. Well, here at RUPA, we do recruitment too, but like anything we do in this organization, we make sure it’s awesome and unique. RUPA holds recruitment for the new…