Our Structure

There are six directors that form the Executive Board (Exec) for RUPA. This group works together over the summer to prepare for the academic year and promote RUPA during summer orientation for incoming and transfer students. During the academic year, this board maintains the policies for the organization, manages the budget, approves all event proposals, and sets the goals of the council. Each Director is responsible for one of the six committees within RUPA. Assistant Directors (Council members) are assigned to committees and work to develop, market, and execute 50-100 events each academic year. RUPA Exec and Council meet every Monday night.

Approximately 20 Assistant Directors are selected each year to serve on one of the six committees under the direction of their Director. These Assistant Directors work on a committee team to manage the daily business of RUPA, plan and manage specific categories of programs, and market all events. One Assistant Director per each committee is designated as the Marketing representative for that respective committee.

RUPA plans approximately 150 events during the school year and is seeking about 25 students to provide event staffing, customer service, and logistical support.These students have the opportunity to work on events for all the committees. For more information about each committee, please see the Committee Descriptions on the next page.

This is a great first step to join one of the largest student run organizations on campus!  Brand Ambassadors help spread awareness about RUPA and their events by attending events and sharing their experience on social media.  Each semester, RUPA selects 30 Brand Ambassadors for this semester long opportunity.

RUPA is advised by three staff members and one graduate student from the Department of Student Centers and Activities.

Application Process

RUPA applications will close at 10PM on Sunday, February 14 2021.

Applicants for the RUPA Director/MEAP Intern position are required to attend one of the following Information Sessions on Zoom:

  • Wednesday, February 3 at 12PM
  • Tuesday, February 9 at 9PM
  • Friday, February 12 at 4PM

Applicants for the RUPA Assistant Director position are encouraged to attend the following Interest Meeting on Zoom:

  • Thursday, February 11, at 8PM

To download the position description for RUPA Director/MEAP Intern, click here.
To download the position descriptions for RUPA Assistant Director, click here.

To apply for RUPA Director/MEAP Intern, click here.

To apply for RUPA Assistant Director, click here.

Please note: Director applications require a resume and letter of recommendation.

Please note: RUPA is not currently hiring for Special Ops Squad (SOS) or Brand Ambassador (BA) positions.

Questions? Please email rupa.advisers@gmail.com.