Media & Culture

The Media and Culture Committee provides a diverse selection of educational and entertaining events including, but not limited to: lectures, comedy shows, watch parties, and craft projects. Events sponsored by this committee seek to entertain students and to expand their exposure to discussions around trending and relevant topics in pop culture, politics, and humanity.  Responsibilities of the Media & Culture Committee include:

  • Provide a diverse selection of educational and entertainment programs in a variety of formats including lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on projects
  • Provide accessible visual art to the university community
  • Organize a variety of skills-based events where students can gain exposure to activities such as painting, knitting, wood carving, etc.
  • Provide on-going activities, such as craft events, to help students relieve stress and build community on each campus
  • Coordinate large and small-scale comedy and novelty entertainment
  • Coordinate large and small-scale film/media entertainment
  • Organize movie viewing parties, outdoor screenings, discussions and lectures related to film and TV

Community Service

The Community Service Committee provides a variety of volunteer opportunities that focus on the importance of giving back to the New Brunswick community and surrounding areas. This committee aims to provide meaningful service experiences to students that address different social issues, community partners, and forms of service.  Responsibilities of the Community Service Committee include:

  • Coordinate large and smaller-scale volunteer events, including Scarlet Day of Service, Winter Wishes, Serve the Shore
  • Encourage student engagement in the community through fun and meaningful events
  • Bridge the gap between Rutgers and the city of New Brunswick through collaborative programming
  • Build and sustain community partnerships with local organizations
  • Seek new opportunities to incorporate elements of service within other RUPA events
  •  Inspire students to foster a connection to their community and understand the impact of their work

Concerts & Coffeehouses

The Concerts & Coffeehouses Committee organizes large and small scale events providing access to different genres of music. (Some larger events require ticketing while the smaller coffeehouses allow you to come and go as you please.) Responsibilities of the Concerts & Coffeehouses Committee include:

  • Coordinate diverse musical entertainment at various venues on campus, including (but not limited to) the gyms, multi-purpose rooms, outdoor locations and smaller venues
  • Provide national, mid-scale, coffeehouse and local acts throughout the academic year and at large campus festivals
  • Survey all campuses and the university as a whole about musical interests for programming
  • Strive to introduce the Rutgers student body/community to new, varied, and culturally diverse, genres of music

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee oversees the professional development of all members on RUPA. They ensure members are having fun while learning skills that will better prepare RUPA students for their leadership role within RUPA and for their careers following graduation. This committee manages the recruitment and selection of students to the organization and spreads awareness about how to get involved. Responsibilities of the Human Resources committee include:

  • Plan general interest meetings and events during the fall semester
  • Coordinate recruitment and selection process for new members
  • Assist in the development and coordination of all scheduled trainings and orientations
  • Assist in coordinating teambuilding activities throughout the year
  • Develop and manage mechanism for communicating with Council members, General Members and Event Volunteers
  • Coordinate recognition and incentive programs for RUPA
  • Organize and maintain an accurate list of all RUPA Council members with pertinent contact information
  • Manage RUPA office access and maintain all five RUPA offices
  • Coordinate RUPA social/bonding activities and assist in coordinating end-of-semester celebrations and other incentive/morale programs


The Marketing Committee oversees all aspects of promotion for all RUPA events and passionately works to fully establish the RUPA brand within the Rutgers community. This committee is responsible for formulating strategic plans for advertising campaigns to ensure information about RUPA is fully communicated. The creativity and inventiveness of this committee pushes promotion through various outlets including: social media, the RUPA web page, newspaper ads, brochures, RUTV, campus radio, informational displays, semester calendars, promotional events, flyers and posters. Responsibilities for the Marketing Committee include:

  • Coordinate the semester event calendars including collection and editing of text, providing feedback on visual layout
  • Coordinate ordering and distribution of giveaways
  • Coordinate RUPA’s participation in Involvement Fairs and other University Events, as well as marketing tables at RUPA events
  • Supervise Street Team Volunteers in marketing distribution
  • Develop innovative and creative promotional ideas to be distributed equally across all of the five New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses
  • Communicate RUPA events to all list serves
  • Decorate RUPA display cases on campus
  • Work with Staples for publication/printing/copy needs of RUPA
  • Develop creative marketing tools to promote and popularize RUPA events

Update and distribute information weekly on list serves, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Traditions & Community

Traditions & Community keeps a constantly changing student body connected with creative, cool, and colossal traditional events. While the events may be annual, this committee is dedicated to making each tradition fresh each year with creative new additions that build off the work from previous years. This committee seeks to provide events that pull the entire university community together through shared experience and intense school pride. Responsibilities of the Traditions & Community Committee include:

  • Provide fun and smile-inducing events on all five campuses to build campus community and create shared experiences across university
  • Encourage and generate student pride by programming in conjunction with athletic events on campus
  • Continually build upon traditional events with creative new programming elements and outreach
  • Create new traditions on campus that are broad in scope to interest a large portion of the student body
  • Seek and coordinate cooperative initiatives with other organizations, academic departments, and/or faculty members through an annual co-sponsored academic lecture
  • Coordinate trips to sporting events, theme parks or adventure sites