RUPA Insider: Calligraphy Workshop ft. Rajiv Surendra

As the Marketing Assistant Director (MAD) for the RUPA Arts & Culture committee, I’m responsible for promoting events related to the arts, such as passerby crafts, Broadway trips, and lectures, using social media and print marketing. This means I collaborate with the Media Team to create flyers, draft supporting posts on Facebook and Twitter, and…

RUPA Media: Calligraphy Workshop feat. Rajiv Surendra

On Tuesday, April 10, Rajiv Surendra, formerly Kevin G from the 2004 hit film Mean Girls, held a free calligraphy workshop for students at the Livingston Student Center. Mr. Surendra provided guests with copies of his autobiography “Elephants in my Backyard,” spoke of the importance of handwriting letters in the digital age, and provided tips…

RUPA Presents: Calligraphy Workshop feat. Rajiv Surenda

04.10.2018—[LSC, Gathering Lounge]—”…From my grades to my lines, you can’t touch Kevin G!” Remember the rapping mathlete KEVIN G from the 2004 film Mean Girls? Well, it seems he’s taken up something new… Rajiv Surenda is an actor, bestselling author, and creator of “Letters in Ink” – a New York-based calligraphy business and blog (…

RUPA Presents: 2018 DC Cherry Blossom Festival

03.25.2018 — [CASC] —Join RUPA for a day trip to the 2018 Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday, March 25! **TRIP INFORMATION** The bus will be departing the College Avenue Student Center at 7:00AM. Students should arrive at 6:30AM for prompt departure. In DC, students will be free to explore the city, National Mall,…

RUPA Media: Mask Craft

On Tuesday, February 20th, students took a break from classes and stopped by our DIY mask and flower crown craft at the College Avenue Student Center Atrium! Students painted, attached fun stickers, and glued garland to their masks in preparation for our upcoming Masquerade Ball at Zimmerli Art Museum!



RUPA Media: Cake Decorating Workshop

01.23.2018 — [DSC, Douglass Lounge]—Student artists of all abilities joined us in the Douglass Lounge on Tuesday, January 23rd for a cake decorating workshop. Attendees let their creativity run wild with templates for both Valentine’s Day and Winter Wonderland-themed cakes!

RUPA Media: Traveler’s Journal Craft

01.16.2018 — [DSC, Main Lobby]— Students came to the Douglass Student Center main lobby on the first day of classes to relieve Spring 2018 semester jitters by making a Traveler’s Journal! There were plenty of colorful pens, tape, and other add-ons that allowed students to create the planner of their dreams!