RUPA Presents: Party at the Puddle

04.25.18—[Passion Puddle, Douglass]—

Start off finals right with our annual Party At The Puddle! Come celebrate the end of the semester with some great food, music, and games. Enjoy this year’s throwback to the late 90’s/early 2000’s theme: “Feel like a kid again!”
The party at Passion Puddle starts at 3PM!

RUPA Media: Calligraphy Workshop feat. Rajiv Surendra

On Tuesday, April 10, Rajiv Surendra, formerly Kevin G from the 2004 hit film Mean Girls, held a free calligraphy workshop for students at the Livingston Student Center. Mr. Surendra provided guests with copies of his autobiography “Elephants in my Backyard,” spoke of the importance of handwriting letters in the digital age, and provided tips…